You can find here a list of notebooks demonstrating key Ivis functionalities. Also, we would like to list here interesting content created by the community. If you wrote some notebook(s) leveraging Ivis and would like to be listed here, please open a Pull Request so it can be included under the Community notebooks.

Notebook Description Colab
How to reduce dimensionality of structured data Introduction to Ivis - reduce dimensionality of structured data ivis_introduction_colab
How to reduce dimensionality of image data Reduce dimensionality of image data using Ivis algorithm and a custom convolutional neural network ivis_cnn_backbone_fashion_mnist_colab
Using callbacks to assess model training Apply callbacks during ivis training to log and assess intermediate model states. using_callbacks_with_ivis_colab
Concept drift detection on image data Detect Concept Drift in image datasets using Ivis. ivis_concept_drift_detetion_colab